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The Vewd TV Emulator, for legal and other reasons, does not come with everything installed out-of-the-box. If you need to install any additional components, visit the Control Panel at http://localhost:5555, and choose what to install under the Additional Components section:


Additional Components

The table below describes the components that you can install:

ComponentDescriptionDependencies, licenses and agreements
Install VirtualBox Guest AdditionsThe Vewd TV Emulator 4.x comes with a default ubuntu installation running in the Oracle VirtualBox VM. This means that the default ubuntu graphics drivers are used which only support a resolution of 640x480. In order to enable HD+ (720p and 1080p) resolutions, you will need to install the Oracle VirtualBox Guest AdditionsSince this is a third-party install, you need to agree to a PUEL (Personal Use and Evaluation License) before installing it.
Download and install GStreamer multimedia frameworkThe Vewd Core does not come with a default media playback backend. This is left to our clients to provide (device manufacturers, etc). We do provide a default implementation of this backend which uses the GStreamer libraries to provide video and audio playback.You need to agree to the GStreamer EULA which will then download and install the GStreamer backend.
Download and install H.264 codecs (libav)To play h264 encoded videos, Vewd needs to download some additional files. Click this button to download and install these files.This option is only enabled after you install the GStreamer backend. Vewd will automatically restart at the end so that h264 playback can be enabled.
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