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Changes in version 3.0
  • [Change] Reduced the size of TV Emulator package. ID 1004
  • [Bugfix] Add missing licenses for node.js dependencies. ID 1249
  • [Bugfix] Fix DevTools connection issues. ID 1239, 1246, 1315
  • [Change] Add codec whitelisting. ID 1187
  • [Change] Update Ubuntu version to 14.04.5. ID 1309
  • [Change] Open documentation links in new tabs. ID 883
  • [New feature] TTS - add the possibility to select a voice. ID 1167
  • [Bugfix] Fixed audio sometimes not working (switched from amixer to pulseaudio). ID 1003
  • [Change] Update TV Emulator to Vewd Core 4.10. ID 1166
  • [New feature] Add URL bookmarking. ID 1077
  • [New feature] Add Text-To-Speech (TTS) accessibility support. ID 1087


Changes in version 2.0
  • [New feature] Add help tooltips and documentation links to the Control Panel. ID 989
  • [Bugfix] Add missing 3rd-party licenses. ID 1016
  • [Bugfix] Fixed Virtual (On-Screen Display) Keyboard. ID 640
  • [Bugfix] Fixed URL filter (allow "blob:"). ID 952
  • [New feature] Added notification when audio/video starts playing. ID 948
  • [Bugfix] Fixed DevTools not accessible outside of the Control Panel. ID 963
  • [Change] Add modal dialog/window to Control Panel UI. ID 950
  • [Change] Notifications: merging, stacking, closing. ID 932
  • [New feature] Add option to notify when warnings or errors occur in logs. ID 915
  • [New feature] Add alert to the Control Panel when Vewd Core crashes. ID 914
  • [New feature] Show tooltip for VK codes in RCU (Remote Control). ID 904
  • [Change] Use port 5556 in addition to 5555 for Control Panel. ID 895
  • [New feature] Make RCU (Remote Control) navigable by keypad arrow buttons. ID 905
  • [Change] Separate play and pause buttons. ID 894
  • [New feature] Add proxy support. ID 398
  • [Bugfix] Fix RCU: now send all key events (keydown, keyup, keypress). ID 805
  • [New feature] Allow multiple DevTools connections. ID 254
  • [New feature] Add Remote Control Profiles in Control Panel. ID 874
  • [New feature] Add "Notifications" feature. ID 770
  • [Change] Make logs configurable/filterable. ID 768
  • [New feature] Add "Home" button to the Control Panel. ID 636
  • [New feature] Add visual feedback when pressing RC buttons. ID 729
  • [Bugfix] Fix RC not working in Firefox. ID 719
  • [Bugfix] Fix Firefox "spiral of death". ID 706
  • [Change] Notify user when DevTools port is occuped. ID 688
  • [Change] Redesign control panel logging + add SDK logs. ID 654
  • [New feature] Add ability to alert user when ACP video codec support is violated. ID 671
  • [Bugfix] Fix "Cannot go back to the main screen from OTVS". ID 534
  • [Change] Add additional runtime flags to control panel. ID 397
  • [New feature] Draft implementation of performance chart. ID 351
  • [New feature] Add debug options to control panel


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