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This article explains how to generate an MRSS feed compatible with Vewd Snap in Ooyala. The feed is sometimes also referred to as "Ooyala Universal Feed URL"

Step 1: Create a label (which will become a category name in Vewd TV Snap app)

  1. Log in to the Ooyala Backlot.
  2. Open the MANAGE page.
  3. To create a top­level label, select ALL LABELS in the left pane and on the bottom left click the plus sign (+). A label called New Label appears in the label list. 
  4. Enter a label name. The new label is created.

Step 2: Add videos to the label

  1.  Open the MANAGE page. The MANAGE page opens with a list of content. 
  2. Locate a label in the left pane. 
  3. View available videos by selecting VIDEO under CONTENT TYPES in the left pane. 
  4. To add a video, drag it to the label. Repeat this step for each video to add. 
  5. Select the label in the left pane.

Step 3: Create a Universal feed URL

  1. Click the PUBLISH tab. 
  2. Click the External Publishing subtab. 
  3. From the dropdown list on the left, select publishing type Universal Feed and click New. A new Universal Feed is created. 
  4. In "Select Content" choose appropriate label(s) (the one(s) you have for Vewd Snap)
  5. In "Feed Template" paste the template you find at the bottom of this article
  6. Click on "Save and Preview" button

Step 4: Ask Ooyala tech support to change your default feed settings

  1. Reach our to your OOyala tech support  and ask the to do the following changes
    1. extending Universal Feed expiration date to 2 days 
    2. extending Universal Feed videos expiration date to 2 days 
  2. When doing the above, you might be asked to provide 
    1. your username 
    2. your Universal Feed URL 
    3. your Universal Feed title

After you receive confirmation from Ooyala support that the expiration dates were extended, you can continue with your submission of Vewd Snap. Copy the feed from Your Feed URL box and paste it into the Ooyala feed URL on Vewd Submission portal


Feed Template
{% verbatim %}
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:media="" xmlns:dcterms="" xmlns:fh="" xmlns:atom=""> 
<title>Ooyala mrss feed for Vewd Snap</title> 
<description>MRSS Feed using Universal Syndications</description> 
{% if {{next_page}} %} 
<atom:link rel="next" href="{{next_page | escape}}"></atom:link> 
{% endif %} 
{% for asset in assets %}
{% if asset.asset_type == "video" %}
<title>{{ | escape}}</title>
<description>{{asset.description | escape}}</description>
<guid isPermaLink="false">{{asset.embed_code}}</guid> 
<media:title>{{ | escape}}</media:title> 
<media:description>{{asset.description | escape}}</media:description> 
{% for label in asset.labels %}
<media:category>{{ | escape }}</media:category>
{% endfor %}
<link>{{ asset.streams[flash_enabled].url | escape }}</link> 
<media:content url="{{asset.streams[flash_enabled].url | escape}}" fileSize="{{asset.streams[flash_enabled].file_size}}" duration="{{asset.duration | divided_by:1000}}" medium="video" expression="full"> 
<media:thumbnail url="{{ asset.preview_image.url | escape }}"> </media:thumbnail> 
{% endif %} 
{% endfor %} 
{% endverbatim %}



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