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The Control Panel allows you to see any logs generated by your app while you run it in the Emulator. It is placed at the bottom of the screen and is collapsed by default.

An example JavaScript console output shown in the Emulator logs panel

The logs panel is both collapsible and resizable. By clicking the gray bar at the top, you can minimize or restore it. In addition, by clicking and dragging just below this bar, you can resize the logs panel to any height you want. When collapsed and restored, the logs panel will remember this height and restore back to it.


The Control Panel comes up with the option to view the following logs:

  • Show JavaScript Console Output: Check this option if you want to see the JavaScript logs generated by your web app.
  • Alert me when warnings are logged: Check this option if you want to see an alert notificationeverytime a JavaScript warning is encountered in the logs.
  • Alert me when errors are logged: Check this option if you want to see an error notification everytime a JavaScript error is encountered in the logs.


The logs are automatically formatted according to type and category of logs. Each log has the following format:

[JS][TYPE] This is a log message

where TYPE can be INFOWARN, or ERROR for Information, Warning and Error respectively.

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