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This file describes new features and known issues in the 3.0 release of the Vewd TV Emulator.

New features

  • This release is mostly aimed at Vewd Core update to version 4.10 LTS
  • Added Text-To-Speech accessibility support
  • Added URL bookmarking

Important highlights

This section lists changes in the release which may directly affect migration to the new product from an older version of the TV Emulator.

  • This version of TV Emulator is based on Vewd Core version 4.10 LTS
  • The TV Emulator package size is decreased from ~1GB to ~650MB
  • Fixed "Sometimes audio is not working after installation" issue. ID 1003
  • DRM is not supported in this version of TV Emulator
  • Ubuntu inside virtual machine is updated to version 14.04.5

Known issues

  • Virtual (On-Screen Display) Keyboard cannot be navigated from the Control Panel Remote Control simulator. ID 1037
  • Copy/Paste function is not supported in TV Emulator window. ID 724

Previous Releases


In order to see all changes in this or previous releases of the Vewd TV Emulator please see the changelog.

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