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1.1 Vewd Account Creation

1. Go to:


3. Insert your Name, Email and Password

4. Press “SUBMIT”

5. Check your email inbox and confirm email via link in the e-mail:

6. Once the email is confirmed, go to and log in

Note: All steps 1-6 are required to complete the creation of the account on Vewd Cloud, otherwise the account won't be visible on Vewd Cloud and it will not be possible to grant any rights to the user.

1.2 Vewd Organization Creation

1. Once account is created, you will be automatically redirected to “ORGANIZATION” - > “Create Organization”

2. Fill out the name and the description of your Organization 

3. Submit the logo of your Organization with 1:1 aspect ratio 

4. Fill-out the address 

5. Fill-out the contact details

  • We will reach out to the email address indicated in the “Support Email” field in case we wish to contact you.
  • “Website” field should contain a valid URL, e.g.


Note: All the information provided in these steps is legally mandatory for the Application submission and testing. 

Once Organization is created, you will see additional tabs: Dashboard, Applications, App creator, Devices, Users, Organization

1.2.1 Add a New User to your Organization Account

If you wish your colleagues to be able to create and edit Applications, please follow the actions below:  

1. Your colleague should create an account on Vewd Cloud (Follow 1.1)

2. Afterwards, go to "Users" -> "Invite User"

3. Insert the email of a new user in "User details" field

4. And click on "INVITE USER"

5. The user should then appear in the User list of the organization account, e.g.:

6. If you click on three dots on the right hand side, you would be able to assign specific role to any user

7. You will have the following choice of roles that you can assign:

  • Application creator
  • Signatory
  • Provider Statistics Viewer
  • Organization Owner
  • Role Manager

8. Move cursor to a question mark to understand what the role means and select all the applicable options

9. Press “OK” and “UPDATE”

  • The roles you assigned now should be displayed under the “Roles” column. 

2.1 HTML5 Application Submission

1. Go to:

2. Login to your account

  • If you don’t have an account yet, please refer to 1.1.

3. Go to “APPLICATIONS” -> “Submit New App”

4. Fill out “Application Name” field

  • This is a “project name”, which is used to identify your Application in the Vewd Cloud only, i.e. not visible to the end-users
  • App title and it’s translations that are used in Vewd products and 3rd party user interfaces are defined in the next step.
  • It won’t be possible to change this name.

5. Choose your Application type

6. If you want us to test your Application, make sure you DON’T tick “private use” option

7. Press “START”

  • You now have 4 Steps to complete. 

Step 1. Basic Details

1. Insert the URL of your Application

  • Make sure to validate your Application as functional and working as expected prior to submitting the Application URL. 
  • If it is a submission of your SNAP Application, the URL will be auto-generated.

2. Unique App ID will be auto-generated by the system

3. Choose most suited Category for your Application

  • If you don't see an obvious category for your App, choose the closest fit.
  • Your App will be published in a selected category on the Vewd enabled devices.

4. Choose Language of your Application and add translation optionally

  • Application name and description can be translated to different languages. That helps reach a bigger audience and increases visibility in the user-interface.

5. Add Title and Description

  • Title and Description are displayed to the end-users. These fields are also used for “Search” purposes. 

6. Add Support Email

  • Support Email is used for the end-user inquiries. It is important that the users know how to reach you in case they need support with your Application.

7. Upload all the necessary Media files

  • Images will be used in Vewd products and 3rd party user interfaces when listing Apps and promotion materials.
  • As soon as the media file is uploaded, the system will show an approximate preview. However, the final result might differ across different deployments.
  • The format and resolution of images should be the following:

8. Fill out Technical details 

  • If Application contains any form of video playback, it must be specified here. 
  • There are various video formats and DRM support across the devices around the world. Filling out these fields would help Moderators and Distributors target your Apps to compatible devices.

9. Press “NEXT”

Step 2. Info for Moderators

1. Add a Description for Moderators

  • Describe basic functionalities of the App, technologies used, and the way your App should behave on the Devices.
  • Providing detailed description for moderators can reduce moderation time.

2. Additional comments

  • Any obstacles or doubts found during initial tests, or anything else that moderators should look at, can be described in the “Additional Comments” field.

3. Press “NEXT”

Step 3. Markets and Monetization

1. Choose markets your App has been designed for:

  • If your App is designed for selected countries or regions, you can define it here. 
  • That information is used by Content Promoters and Distributors for better Apps placement on Vewd enabled devices.

2. Choose countries and regions where you want your App to be available

3. Fill out Monetization filed

  • Specify whether your App generates revenue and provide relevant comments when needed.

4. Press “NEXT”

Step 4. Certification, Distribution & Contract

1. Choose an appropriate Program

  • Choose “Distribute” - if you wish to be published on Vewd enabled devices once the moderation is completed.
  • Choose “Certify” - if you have direct relationships with OEMs and you wish to ensure that your App is compliant with their devices. 
  • Choose “Examine” - if you wish to have a basic validation of your Application without publishing it on Vewd enabled devices.

2. Read Terms & Conditions of Vewd Cloud service and Acceptance criteria

  • In some cases we might sign the Linking Agreement prior to your submission.  

3. Check the boxes

4. Press “SUBMIT” 

  • Make sure you received a message that the submission went through.

2.2 SNAP Application Creation & Submission

Vewd Snap allows content owners to create and submit a beautifully designed TV App in minutes, for instant distribution to millions of connected TV devices.

Vewd Snap’s content structure is based around four elements: Sections, Categories, Collections and Items. The image below shows the placement of these elements in the Application UI.

A Section is displayed on the left side menu of the Application. Some sections can be customized (custom sections), while others are part of the Application and cannot be changed (automatically generated sections).

Each custom section is associated with an MRSS feed which defines for the particular section multiple Categories represented as a single row of Items (videos) and/or Collections. See for more details on how to define contents of section with MRSS feed.

SNAP App creation and submission process includes two steps process:

  1. App creation - where a user generates an Application based on the provided graphics and content feeds. At this step the created App can be tested (via generated URL), but is not yet submitted for distribution by Vewd.
  2. App Submission - where a user submits the created Snap Application to Vewd for distribution, using the App URL created in the previous step.

App Creation

1. Go to:

2. Login to your account

  • If you don’t have an account yet, please refer to 1.1.

3. Go to “APP CREATOR” -> “Create App”

4. Fill out “Application Name” filed

  • This is a “project name”, which is used to identify your App in the Vewd Cloud Admin area, i.e. not visible to the end-users
  • App title and it’s translations that are used in App Store front UI are defined in the next step.
  • It won’t be possible to change this name.

5. Press “START”

Step 1. Content & Graphics

1. In the drop-down menu select the Hosting Service you are using

2. Choose Language of your Application and add translation optionally

3. Add the Application Title that would be visible for the end-users

4. Add the relevant sections to your Application: 

 For the instructions of each section, please follow the corresponding hyperlink:

Add Home Section 

When you click “Add Home Section”, the following menu will show up:

1. Choose Home Section type:

    • “New Videos from other App Sections” will generate a HOME section in the Application based on the content from other sections. This is useful if you plan to have multiple sections in the App.
    • “Custom” will allow you to specify a dedicated MRSS feed as the source of the content for the HOME section in the App.

2. Choose the Content Categories that you would like to be auto-generated

  • The image below provides an example of the “Latest Videos” and “Today’s picks” categories in the HOME section.

3. Click “OK”

Add Section 

When you click “Add Section”, the following menu will show up:

1. Select a suitable Icon from the following choice of images:

2. Enter the Title of your Section

3. Insert the URL of your Application

  • Please, find the MRSS spec here.

4. Choose the Content Categories that you would like to be auto-generated

  • The image below provides an example of “Latest Videos” and “Date based categories” categories.

5. Click “OK”

Add Live Stream 

When you click “Add Live Stream”, the following menu will show up:

Here you can specify the following properties that will represent given Live Stream in Vewd Snap Application in the special LIVE section:

1. Enter the Title of your Live Stream

2. Insert the URL to the Live Stream video

    • Note that URL should reference video in specified in the next step media format

3. Provide the link for Thumbnail Image to be displayed

4. Choose the Protocol from the drop-down menu:

5. Add the Description

  • You can use maximum 500 characters

6. Click “OK”

The first few seconds once the channel is on, the metadata is presented in the following way: 

Then, the metadata disappears, providing space for the content being played, e.g.:

Sections reordering

You can change the order of added sections by Clicking the arrows on the right-hand side of each section. Home section cannot be moved.

Editing and deleting sections

It is possible to edit or delete any of created section with options from context menu: 

Step 1. Continues: Content & Graphics

Once the needed sections are added, follow the actions:

1. If you wish to create more custom categories, please press “Yes” for “Use Keywords to Define Categories”

  • Content of <media:keywords> tag will be used as category name. 
  • If you define prefix, only prefixed keyword will be used: e.g. for prefix “snap_” and keyword snap_Skiing, “Skiing” category will be created.
  • If you choose “No”, then <media:keywords> in the feeds will be ignored, and normal solutions for defining categories in the feed will be used as described on

2. Choose your Logo and Background Images

  • Logo PNG or JPEG, resolution 160x160 px
  • Background JPEG, resolution 1280x720 px

3. Select whether you want your background to become dark automatically 

  • The font in the user interface is white, so in case your background image is of a light colour, we recommend to choose an auto-darken background option.

4. Press “NEXT”

Step 2. Monetization & Stats

1. You can track the Application traffic with your own appropriate configured Google Analytics account

2. Select whether the Application generates revenue through advertisement or not

  • “Free” - means that the App contains only free content that is not monetised in any way.  
  • “Advertisement” - means that you want to enable video advertising, via VAST tag that you need to provide.

3. In case the previous choice was “Advertisement”, choose pre- or mid- roll Ad Placement and fill out the required fields to define frequency for ads impression

  • In order to connect your App with an ad server/network via a VAST tag, please contact our support team at and they will be able to assist you. 

4. Press “SUBMIT APP” button 

5. You will be redirected to “APPLICATIONS”-> “My Apps” where you will need to complete the submission

App Submission

Follow the Steps from 1 to 4 from 2.1 to complete the SNAP submission.

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