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Vewd Snap’s content structure contains is based around four elements: Section Sections, Category Categories, Collection Collections and Item Items. The image below shows the placement of these elements in the application UI.

A Section is displayed on the left side menu of the application. Some sections can be customized (custom sections) while others are part of the application and cannot be changed (automatically generated sections).

Each custom section is a separate associated with an MRSS feed. Custom sections are defined during the application submission in the ‘TV Snap’ tab (field ‘I have many feeds I want to include in this app’ must be selected). There can be a maximum of only five custom sections, including a live stream that is represented as a separate sectionspecial "livestream" section that can contain one or more live feeds. The name of the each section as well as its icon is provided in the submission portal.


The automatically generated sections are Settings and Search as well as the Home section mentioned above. These sections cannot be changed.

A Category is a single row of elements videos and/or collections in the application. In the MRSS feed, it is represented by the <media:category> tag . Category can contain single videos and collections. Category must contain at least 3 videos to be presented in the applicationassociated with videos. Please note the following In order to optimize user experience, we only show a Category (row) if it contains at least 3 videos. If less than 3 videos are associated with a single category, then the Category (row) will not appear in the final app, and the corresponding videos will only be visible in other categories that meet the criteria (if any) or in the general autogenerated categories like "Latest Videos" (see below). If there is only one category in the feed, its name is not displayed in the application UI.

Like sections, some Some categories are generated by the application and cannot be changed (automatically generated categories). Automatically generated categories are:


It is also possible to generate categories based on keywords from the feedthe <media:keywords> tag as opposed to the <media:category> tag. See the description of the media:keywords tag further in this article if you would like to use it.