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The Chromium DevTools

The Opera Devices SDKVewd Core, being based on the Chromium browser, can use the some of the same Chromium technologies, one of them being the Chromium DevTools. It allows you to see everything about your WebApp web app from the HTML/JavascriptJavaScript/CSS code, to where the different elements end up on the screen, to profiling your code (memory, performance, and network), and to changing javascript JavaScript code live to test and debug your app.

We will not go through the Chromium DevTools in detail here (there is a list of helpful articles at the end of this page). We just highlight This page just outlines what you need to do to connect a local browser running on your computer to the Opera Vewd TV Emulator 4.x and start debugging your app using DevTools. It doesn't go into detail about the Chromium DevTools. For a list of helpful articles, see Further Reading below.

Connecting to the TV Emulator using DevTools

Here are the steps needed to To connect to the Emulatoremulator, follow these steps:

  1. Start up the Opera Vewd TV Emulator. See running For details, see Running your app.
  2. Open up a local browser on your computer (must be either Opera or Chrome).
  3. Navigate your In the browser, go to http://localhost:9222.
  4. In the page that opens up, under Inspectable WebContents, you should see your WebApp web app as the one and only item under "Inspectable WebContents" in the list. 
  5. Click the link to open up DevTools for your app.
  6. If all goes well, you should see a screen like this:


Further Reading

To learn how to use the The following articles may be helpful to learn more about using Chromium DevTools to debug your app, the following articles will be helpful: