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  1. Go to and download the latest host platform package of Oracle VM VirtualBox for your operating system.

  2. Go to and download the latest version of Chromium based Vewd TV Emulator (Standalone).

  3. Unzip the downloaded emulator package which contains:

    • User Guide/index.html - Emulator documentation
    • VM Image/Vewd TV Emulator 4.x-<OS>.ovf - This is the VirtualBox configuration file for the VM.
    • VM Image/Vewd TV Emulator 4.x-disk1.vmdk - This is the VirtualBox disk image file for the VM.

  4. Open the .ovf file for your host operating system in the VirtualBox by selecting File -> Import Appliance in the VirtualBox UI. The application will ask you to confirm the appliance settings for the VM. You can leave the settings alone and accept the defaults.

  5. After the appliance has been imported, you should end up seeing something like this:

  6. Click on Start at the top to launch the Vewd TV Emulator 4.x. Once it boots up, the Vewd Core should load the default 640 x 480 main screen. 
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  7. Click Proceed. As you will be installing a third-party component in order to use the emulator in higher resolutions, you need to agree to a Personal Use and Evaluation License (PUEL) by Oracle.
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  8. Click Install. You should see a screen where you can follow the progress of the install. Once this is done the Vewd TV Emulator will restart in HD resolution.
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  9. For more information about third-party software used in the Vewd TV Emulator and to read the license information, click on the Documentation link at the bottom of the main screen.

  10. Voila! You're all set to start using the Vewd TV Emulator 4.x.