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The only way to launch your app on the emulator is to navigate to: http://localhost:5555 on a web browser on your computer and use the Emulator Control Panel.

You should see a page like this:


To run your app, just paste the URL in the URL field and click the Load URL button. Your app should then load in the emulator.

Controlling your web app

There are 2 ways of controlling your web app running in the emulator:

  1. Using the keyboard in the emulator
  2. Using the TV remote control in the Emulator Control Panel

1) Using the Keyboard and Mouse in the Emulator

The emulator supports input entry from your computer keyboard. The table below provides some special mappings that help you in testing your web app:

Keyboard KeyEmulator Mapping
F1TV Remote Control "Red" Key
F2TV Remote Control "Green" Key
F3TV Remote Control "Yellow" Key
F4TV Remote Control "Blue" Key

In addition to the keyboard, you can also use the mouse, in a similar way to using it on your computer. Note: You should not rely on the behavior of the mouse since it will not show up on the final OperaVewd-powered device and your app UI should be able to be solely driven by the TV remote control.

2) Using the TV remote control in the Emulator Control Panel

The Emulator Control Panel, which can be accessed by browsing to http://localhost:5555, comes with an on-screen TV remote control which you can use to send input events to the emulator. For more information on the TV remote control, see the Control Panel page.