If this is your first application, you may start by going through an Introduction to applications for Vewd App Store. You will find a quick overview of the Vewd App Store ecosystem, as well as further pointers on how to develop apps, what devices you can target and what features you can rely upon.

At the end of the submission process, you will be able to choose if you submit your app for:

Please note that in the case of Certification only submissions, your app will have to be approved by a Content Manager at Vewd App Store before the actual certification process can start. A Content Manager may reach out to you for further information.

A Certification only app will not be distributed through Vewd App Store. You will have to close distribution agreements with Manufacturers, OEMs and Operators you wish to distribute your application for.


Irrespectively of the option, you select at the end of the submission process, your application will have to satisfy a set of requirements.

Application requirements - if you are targeting TVs/devices released in 2017 or later

Metadata requirements - information and assets required at submission:

Additionally, you will need to choose and assign your app to one predefined application category provided by Vewd App Store (e.g. Games, Music, etc.)

Please note that after submission, the only way to modify the app's metadata is to submit a new version - developers cannot edit the information stored in the portal.


When you submit your app for Vewd App Store distribution, we will also evaluate it according to a set of Acceptance criteria. If it doesn't satisfy all the criteria, the app will be rejected, so read them carefully. You can track the status on the submitted app page.


Application metadata must satisfy all of the following criteria:

Your app must satisfy all of the following criteria:

Content in your app must satisfy the following criteria:

Should you wish so, it is possible to publish your application only on certain devices. Please contact Vewd App Store at if you need to restrict the availability of your app by:


If the above app metadata requirements and criteria are satisfied, your app undergoes additional testing, to see that it works on our reference devices. Your app may also need to undergo a review process by device manufacturers before being made available on their platforms.

An app that does not satisfy the criteria or fails the testing will be rejected; and you will be given information about its rejection in the app Message Center. After you have fixed the problems, you can resubmit the app by clicking the "Upgrade" button next to the app name on My Apps list.

When your app satisfies all requirements and criteria, it will become certified and be ready for deployment on Vewd App Store powered devices. If you applied for Certification & Distribution (recommended), the app will also be published in the Vewd App Store.